Shamanic Videos And Audio
by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

Here you will find several of the most informative and most viewed educational videos on the Shamanic Passages YouTube channel. The channel hosts more than twenty videos on a variety of topics regarding living shamanically in contemporary society.

In these videos, Gerry offers insights on shamanic journeying, working with power animals and spirit allies, and more. He also touches on shamanic healing practices, such as curses and soul retrieval. Later videos address personal boundaries, personal responsibility, loving and caring for Mother Earth, and even a process by which you can remove curses, hooks, or intrusions that you have put into others.

Over the course of several years, he worked with a number of videographers and producers, including BizzBuzz Videos, Lorenzo Vidali, Juno Black, Benjamin Jenks, and Sanctuary of the Awakened Soul. Deep appreciation to all of these wonderful professionals.

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Contemporary Shamanism
The Shamanic Journey
Power Animals
Shamanic Healing
Curses and Curse Healing
Stopping the World
Earth Changes: Shamanic Perspective

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