Drumming Journey Circle

Shamans travel regularly into "non-ordinary reality" for wisdom, healing and in the service of others in their clans and communities. Using their experience and knowledge about journeying, and with the guidance and assistance of their Power Animals and helping spirits, they come to know the locations, contours and landscapes of the spirit world that is so central to their lives and work.

Essentially, over time, they "map out" this world and come to know where to go for certain kinds of knowledge and experiences essential to their practice. Such journeying is also a fundamental part of contemporary shamanism – playing an important role in our ongoing spiritual development.

In Journey Circles, we are learning to use the Shamanic Journey in very practical ways, approaching this contemporary shamanic practice in a structured and organized way, so as to better incorporate them into everyday experience. Journeys may be about certain topics or healings, or may be intended to find new places in the spiritual realm – mapping out the spiritual landscape.

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Event Description
At present, the group meets on Wednesday evenings, with a different focus or intention for each circle.

Journey Foundations:
This circle is for everyone. A good place to begin learning how YOU journey and gathering experience.

Deepening Your Practice:
Designed for those ready to expand their experience with new practices, such as group intention and paired journeys.

Exploration Journey:
In this circle, we explore a variety of other approaches and traditions, including storytelling, breathwork as shamanic practice, past live work, and more.

Shamanic Healing Circle:
Focuses group journey energy toward creating a healing space for the group and others.

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